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Particularly valuable ancient wheat varieties.


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It is a particularly valuable variety of ancient wheat. The Gentil Rosso variety is native to central Tuscany, also very common in Emilia Romagna since 1800. The Gentil Rosso was, at the beginning of the twentieth century for 30 years, the most widely cultivated wheat in Italy. Then around the '30s it was progressively abandoned due to the introduction of modern varieties of more productive wheat, during the so-called "Battle of the Grain", following the research of the agronomist Nazareno Strampelli. The Gentil Rosso is older than Senatore Cappelli, a variety of durum wheat obtained from Strampelli around 1915 for selection from the North African population "Jenah Rhetifah".


It has as characteristic a rather high spike that in full maturity can exceed 150 cm with a reddish color, which is precisely the reason of its name.

Like all ancient grains, also the Gentil Rosso has a good protein content, but little gluten. The main difference between modern varieties and ancient varieties, in fact, with regard to protein content is not in quantity but in the quality and variety of proteins. Ancient grains contain a wide range of different, more digestible and nutritious proteins.

Gentil Rosso has a very low gluten content therefore, according to the standards established by the food industry, its flour is considered weak (W48 and P / L 0.56 when the modern wheat flour have about W200 and the flours as strong as the Manitoba arrive at points of W400).


The flour can be used for baking and for classic preparations (one for all the Piadina), while for the pizza dough can be mixed with small percentages of other varieties of flour.

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